Our Services

Grupo Seven is created by a group of companies with common shareholders, dedicated to the following business lines:

– Real Estate

– Investment

– Financing

– Consulting

Each of these lines has the objective of being able to offer a global, efficient and quality service to our clients.




Real Estate:

It is a line created in response to many clients, who, attracted by price drops in the real estate sector and forecasts of imminent recovery, ask us to invest in this area.

Grupo Seven, responding to this demand, has invested in a selection of various properties, both in the Residential sector and in the Tertiary sector (Offices, Hotels and Equipment). Our goal is to offer a profitable and attractive investment portfolio. With a growth above the market average, the result of good management in the acquisition and the absence of intermediaries in the sale. Not limited to a national geographic area. Since we facilitate access to invest, wherever the Group’s companies have a presence, Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia.


This line of business is focused not only on companies, as a way to expand the investment portfolio of their assets and cash surpluses, but also on our clients as individuals.

Our team of professionals evaluates the needs and the possible options existing at all times and their profitability, presenting the client with a personalized analysis to facilitate decision-making.

The experience of our professionals, the knowledge of the different markets, both nationally and internationally, and our associations with leading companies in different areas of activity, allow us to offer various investment opportunities that are adapted to the needs of our clients.


It is a line focused on promoting the growth of our clients. Increasing the funds of their companies and improving the value of the investment in front of their shareholders. Our mission is to offer new financing options both in the national and international markets. That is why we analyze each case in a unique way and provide solutions adapted to each of the specific needs of our clients. Our ability to adapt allows us to deal with financing projects in very different ways, depending on the needs of the client companies and in a very high percentage we deal with them with the Group’s own funds. Some sectors in which we are specialized are: mining, engineering, technology, renewables, construction.


This line is dedicated to advising and consulting our client companies.

The services we offer go directly to the satisfaction of your needs and can range from:

The acquisition of a company
The launch of a new line of business
capital restructuring
Cost reduction.
The incorporation of high-level management personnel
The opening of new markets
Internationalization of products or services
Search, recruitment and management of local partners
Feasibility and Business PlanS

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